Friday, August 3, 2007

Old School Banger of the Week

"...I'm Nestle when it's crunch-time..."

I know, I know, it's been a minute since we updated. We had a station-mandated one-week suspension due to malt liquor shenanigans and then the WMFO studios weren't broadcasting correctly last week. Anyway, fuck it, take your damn Old School Banger and enjoy it.

In honor of Common releasing his new album Finding Forever this week I thought I'd take you back to '94-style Comm Sense with his classic track "Resurrection" off the album of the same name. I enjoyed his new album, but in my not-so-humble opinion Resurrection was Common at his finest. Also, he may look like he just stepped out the pages GQ Magazine nowadays, but back in the day he kept it classic and gully with the black hoodies and skull caps. I bet you '94 Common Sense could beat the shit out of '07 Common....

Common - "Resurrection"


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Old School Banger of the Week

"'s like that, you know it's like that...."
Quick Old School Banger for y'all this week. We got Nasty Nas in your area....bout to cause mad hysteria. Another classic from QB's finest off one of the top five hip-hop albums of all time, Illmatic.
Nas - "Halftime"

I wanna give a special shout-out to the two fucking Tufts Rent-A-Cops who had nothing better to do Tuesday night than shut down our show on some straight bullshit. I understand that you two bitches got bored of sitting in your cruiser and dyking out all night, but the 40 minute powertrip that you made myself, Mzarecta, and the whole U.S. squad sit through was laughable and pathetic. Get a real fuckin job.



Monday, July 2, 2007

Old School Banger of the Week

"...this is how we chill from '93 til..."

Summer is finally underway. The weather is warm, shorties are wearing the fine summer dresses, and it is time for an Old School Banger to get you in the summer mood. Seeing as the 4th of July festivities are this Wednesday, I thought I'd hit y'all with a classic laid back summer jam to bump at your grillfest or whatever other activities you got going on. Coming straight out of Oakland, and comprising a part of the Oakland supergroup Hieroglyphics, I give you :

Souls of Mischief - " '93 Til Infinity"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Old School Banger of the Week

" I got you stuck off the realness..."

What up kids, and welcome back to the second edition of LCWT's "Old School Banger of the Week". This week we're going way back in the day to 95' to hit you with a classic grimy 90s East Coast Video. Before Prodigy got old and locked himself in his room to do drugs and stare at candles he was a young 20-year-old up and coming MC from Queensbridge who formed one half of Mobb Deep. While he and Havoc were never really able to match the popularity of their breakthrough album The Infamous with their later releases, this classic record helped define the 90s East Coast sound.

I'm bringin' y'all the video "Shook Ones Pt. II" this week; perhaps one of my favorite songs of all time. The video is classic gully QB style, something they could have actually shot in an alley behind their crib. My personal favorite part of the video is the matching, and seemingly homemade, "Hennesey" jerseys that Prodigy and Havoc are rocking. No disrespect to Havoc, but Prodigy absolutely slays his verse in this song, and steals the show. Enjoy the ride back to 95'.

We apologize for not updating with links to the last couple shows. Our radio website has been giving us some bullshit, but we're working on getting the past couple shows up. Stay locked.

One Hunned.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Old School Banger of the Week

As I sat at my desk bored out my mind, I began to reminisce about the good old days when Dr. Dre and Ed Lover would brighten my week with the latest hip-hop videos and musical guests on "Yo! MTV Raps". Considering the plight of unoriginality that plagues the current hip-hop video scene, ya boy DDB took it upon himself to create Long Crisp White Tee's Old School Banger of the Week. Every week I'll update with a new throwback video to bob ya head to. So throw on your black hoodie, baggy jeans, and Timbos and enjoy a taste of the grimy 90s.

This week I'm bringin' you a Warren G classic to remind you that before "Celebrity Fit Club" this dude had the ill laid back West Coast flow. Featuring the Human Hook aka Nate Dogg:

Warren G - "Regulate".

Mount Up!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Boston Hip-Hop Unity Fest

On Wednesday, May 30th, the staff of Long Crispies went to the Paradise Rock Club on Comm. Ave to support the first annual Boston Hip-Hop Unity Fest, presented by 4Peace. If you weren’t aware, 4Peace is a group that Edo G. started to use hip-hop to promote peace and an end to violence in Boston. The lineup at the show was a who’s who of Boston hip-hop, from newcomers Dre Robinson, Termanology, and Slaine to longtime heavyweights like Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, and Edo himself. We arrived around 10 and unfortunately missed out on 7L & Esoteric, Jake the Snake, and a few other acts. We did have the chance to see Krumbsnatcha, Triple Threat, Dre Robinson, Termanology, Frankie Wainwright, Special Teamz, 4Peace, and Lif & Ak. Before I get into the acts, I’d like to drop some random thoughts and observations I had during the show:

1) Acts should not be allowed to have more active microphones than people in the group. As a corollary, no more than one extra person should be allowed on the stage with any group. There were far too many hype men and hangers on filling up the stage for some of the earlier acts. Lif and Akrobatik, in stark contrast, were the only two on stage (other than the DJ) during their set. Having your crew on stage might be fun, but it just looks amateurish, and hype men have their place and time, but finishing every single one of your lines is not it (especially when there is more than one person doing it). Please grow up.
2) Termanology is 5’7”. Tops.
3) Host and local producer D-Tension is a very large, rotund man resembling a bowling ball.
4) Mzarecta got a gangster photo pulling off B-Boy stances with Lif.
5) The biggest fans of corny white rappers from the suburbs (sorry Esoteric) are corny white kids from the suburbs (and no, I don't include myself in that group).
6) I hate sounding like an old man, but you can tell immediately when you walk into an 18+ show, and not in a good way.
7) The two most common sports jerseys at any Boston hip-hop event are Tom Brady and Larry Bird. Let the irony sink in. I did see one kid rocking a Paul Pierce Inglewood High jersey.
8) Boston hip-hop fans generally fall into two categories – and those categories correlate far too often with race. The unity fest brought them together, but I still saw allot of white kids leaving after 7L and Eso’s set, and I’m assuming more would have bounced if they weren’t waiting for Lif and Ak.
9) It’s strange to buy 12 oz. cans of PBR at a bar. It’s even stranger when they cost the same price as the tallboys that they were all out of ($3).
10) I have no idea who the other members of 4Peace are. All I know is that they’re old hip-hop heads from Boston.
11) On a related note, I had no idea how many of the 15 people on stage were actually members of Triple Threat.
12) Krumbsnatcha is a large, scary man. He also doesn’t get enough props around these parts. Dude is nice.
13) We collected a nice set of free CD’s at the show, including a new Smoke Bulga mixtape. If I can get my act together, I might get them uploaded here in the near future.
14) We saw our boy Jud at the show, followed by Hikes and his girl, and Neezy and Q of the Usual Suspeckts were posted up outside.
15) We got some new WMFO drops from Akrobatik, Slaine, Edo G., Dre Robinson, Esoteric, and Frankie Wainwright.
16) On a completely unrelated note, the new Pharoahe Monch album – Desire – is straight crack cocaine.

When we showed up 7L & Esoteric had just finished their set and Boston veteran and Gangstarr Foundation member Krumbsnatcha was taking the stage. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t listened to much of Krumb’s shit in a long time, and I’m not too familiar with his catalog in general, but he put it down pretty hard. And as I mentioned above, he is a large man (nh). Next up, they decided to bring Triple Threat to the stage. They weren’t on the bill or on the schedule, so I’m assuming they just showed up and asked if they could get on to perform their one song that gets spins on JAMN (“Gots to Get it”). They did a few more than that, although it was always hard to tell who was in the group – the stage was damn near full. Dre Robinson didn’t have quite as many weed carriers on stage with him, but still fell into the god-awfully annoying trap of letting his hype man finish every line. Dre, we know you know the words to your own song. We also know your hype man does. I’m guessing that I speak for everyone when I say that we’d rather have you rap them. There’s a reason he’s just a hype man.

Up next up-and-coming mixtape artist Termanology came through with his boys (?) S.T. the Squad. I was excited to see Term perform live and when he was doing his material, it was pretty on point. However, with his crew swarming all over the stage and his relative lack of height (see above), it was sometimes hard to see where he was on stage. He then made the mistake of letting some of his boys do their own material. I would say there was one dude that was okay, the other two were straight refuse (I heard their names, but after the incident I actively forgot them so I wouldn’t have to think about their performances ever again). We then had to sit through one more act that consisted of one rapper and 12 hype men in Frankie Wainwright, but at least his weed carriers were wearing Frankie Wainwright T-Shirts. It was a nice touch. When it comes to Frankie, Dre Robinson, and Triple Threat, their music isn’t necessarily my style (a little on the jiggy side for my taste), but I’m sure it sounds better on wax. Their live shows, however, leave a lot to be desired. They show great energy, but you have to realize that when 90% of the crowd doesn’t know any of your lyrics, they might want to be able to hear them, instead of having six different people yelling the punchline in every verse.

Once Frankie was off, we finally got to the main acts. First up, Boston supergroup Special Teamz, consisting of Southie’s own Slaine (who stole my role in the upcoming film Gone Baby Gone, starring Casey Affleck, Ed Harris, and Morgan Freeman), Jaysaun of the Kreators, and Edo G. They did a few songs, including “Main Event,” produced by Primo. The one thing that stuck out was that they didn’t look like a group at all on stage. It looked more like three separate artists, sticking to their own parts of the stage. There wasn’t a whole lot of interaction. It didn’t really take much away from the performance, but I found it interesting. Edo then brought out the three other old dudes that make up 4Peace. They did some uplifting songs about starting the peace in Boston, including an R&B jam, and were generally pretty tight. One of the members – the guy that wore a suit and tie – announced that he was going to be sitting down with Governor Deval Patrick on Thursday to discuss what role hip-hop can play in curbing violence in the Commonwealth. I’m assuming Deval isn’t a huge hip-hop fan (I imagine his iPod is filled mainly with Aretha Franklin, Neil Diamond, and Kenny G), but it’s nice to see support coming from the top.

Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Lif and Akrobatik, a/k/a the Perceptionists, provided the grand finale. At this point I was about 8 or 9 PBR’s deep (on top of the 40 of 8Ball I downed before the show – don’t worry, we took cabs), so I can’t remember all the tracks they did. I do remember that the final track after club employees shut down the show, was Lif’s Boston Flow. Classic.

If you’re looking for the city of which I talk
It’s about four hours northeast of New York
And if it’s our sports history you observe
You’ll find legends such as Bobby Orr and Larry Bird

For more on the show, check out this article from the Boston Globe. Or this one from

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

White Castle Fries Only Come in One Size...

mmmm... White Castle. Okay, honestly, the only reason for the picture above is to distract you from the fact that it's been almost 3 weeks since our last post. I personally apologize, but as a school teacher, it's getting toward that time of year, my seniors are finishing up, getting in their final projects, and getting ready for prom (If anyone is looking for Big Rils on Thursday night, I will be in the hotel bar of the Hyatt in Cambridge, MA - the locus of said prom).

Anyway, we totally missed the ball on putting up show #117, but here's #118 just in time (and I promise to get tonight's show - 119 - up in the next day or two).

LCWTS_5_22_07 (.mp3 format)

As a way of making amends for our long absence, here's a list of some upcoming concerts in the Boston area and albums to look out for:


- Skyzoo & Reks @ Great Scott Allston (Tues, 5/29/07)
First Annual Boston Hip Hop Unity Fest @ The Paradise - Featuring: 4Peace, Mr Lif, Akrobatik, 7L & Eso, Dre Robinson, Termanology, Big Shug, Krumbsnatcha, SpecialTeamz, Jake da Snake & Greater Good (Wed, 5/30/07)
- Slum Village & Phat Kat @ the Middle East Downstairs (Thurs, 5/31/07)
- Peanut Butter Wolf @ The Goodlife Downtown (Thurs, 6/21/07)
- 2007 Boston Hip-Hop Fest feat. Slaine @ the Middle East Downstairs (Sat, 7/14/07)
- Rock the Bells @ Randall's Island, NY - (7/28/07 & 7/29/07)


Royce Da 5'9" - The Bar Exam (6/5/07)
Blue Scholars - Bayani (6/12/07)
Fabolous - From Nothin' to Somethin' (6/12/07)

Jaylib (Jay Dee aka J. Dilla + Madlib) - Champion Sound (Deluxe Edition) (6/19/07)
Raheem Jamal (of Project Move) - Boombox (6/19/07)
Pharoahe Monch - Desire (6/26/07) Common - Finding Forever (7/10/07)
Beastie Boys - The Mix-Up (instrumental) (7/10/07)

Talib Kweli - Ear Drum (7/24/07)
Oh No - Dr. No's Oxperiment (instrumental) (7/31/07)

Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 3 (t.b.a.)

Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - I Can't Feel My Face (t.b.a.)
Dr. Dre - Detox (t.b.a.)

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III (pushed back to the end of the year)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Show #116

If you didn't hear on the show last night, your favorite rapper's favorite radio show - Long Crisp White Tee's - will be back in the Tuesday 10pm - 12am time slot starting next week. Here's our last installment of the one hour show. We played some tracks, ran down the Brother Ali show and upped an upcoming show featuring ReCaaLL, K-the-I and US' own Shivaa, next Tuesday at the Bulfinch Yacht Club BAR down by TD Banknorth. For more info go here, or here.

Show #116 (.mp3 format)

Also, be sure to check out Usual Suspeckts' Myspace ( They've got a couple new tracks up there including "Green" which is straight fire. Unfortunately, there has been a rift in the U.S. crew as Nacious has gone his own way. We here at LCWTs aren't trying to take sides and just hope that they can work things out. Anyway, Nacious has some new tracks on his myspace ( as well (be sure to peep "Backhand").

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Show #115 and Brother Ali

Sorry for sleeping folks. This past week was a pretty busy one, and Big Rils was unavailable over the weekend due to his participation in the 48 Hour Film Project. Here's our show from last Tuesday if you still haven't heard it. Just a reminder, we're only a few weeks away from returning to OUR time slot - TUESDAY 10pm - 12am.

Show #115 (.mp3 format)

As you may have heard last week, Rhymesayers Entertainment's Minneapolis-based albino rapper, Brother Ali, was in town at the Middle East last wednesday night. Due to increased demand for tickets, the concert was moved from the upstairs to the more spacious downstairs. Long Crisp White Tee's staff arrived just before the second opening act, female Chicago native Psalm One. While we missed One Be Lo (aka Onemanarmy of Binary Star), we were assured he ripped the mic as well. Now, as you may or may not know, I'm not a huge fan of female MCs, but Psalm One put it down pretty hard, with a Steve Nash-like assist from hypeman and fellow Chicagoan Longshot. I may even be prompted to go out and download a few of her songs. The highlight of her set was when the Bro ran out in between songs with a towel to wipe down her face and the mic and give her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Due to the last-minute switch to the downstairs, the show didn't quite sell out, but was more than half-full with a crowd that was amped up to see their favorite albino rapper. When the energy was finally to his satisfaction, Ali came out and started throwing it down. He opened up with "Lookin' At Me Sideways," and then ran through a collection of new stuff - including "Uncle Sam Goddamn," "Truth Is," and "Faheem" - and his classics - "Rain Water," "Room With a View," "Champion," and "Dorian."

He also stopped in the middle to ensure the crowd that he had called ahead to get permission from Mr. Lif to spit in his town. All in all, the show was dope and Ali made the venue feel like a bumping house party that we were all chilling at as much as a concert. He's still on tour, so if he hasn't come to your city yet, make sure to get tickets. Otherwise, get the CD.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Damn, it's been a while... Show #114 and Nas Show Run-down

What's up folks. I apologize for the two-week hiatus, but as a school teacher, I had to take full advantage of April Vacation - the week off that schools provide to allow teachers to quell their many urges to strangle high school students. The first order of business is to announce that in two weeks or so, WE WILL BE RETURNING TO A TWO-HOUR TIME SLOT. Most likely Tuesday, 10pm-12am. Stay tuned.

After that, we've got this week's show - #114. I know we didn't get last week's up, but let's not dwell in the past. Here's the playlist.

Finally, if you have listened to the last two shows, you may have heard us talk about the Nas concert we attended on Sunday, the 15th, in Providence, RI. While I'm not going to get into the pre or post-concert festivities, I thought I'd do a quick run-down of the show itself. It was at Lupo's, probably the best place to see big-name acts in New England. So far in my life, I've seen Atmosphere, Ghostface, Redman, Raekwon, Lupe Fiasco, Mr. Lif, El-P, and now Nas there. The place is pretty big, but they really packed them in for the Nas show, to the point where they were out of Bud Light bottles by the time we showed up a little after 9pm. I guess Nas is big enough that he doesn't need anyone opening for him, other than some DJ's blasting a nice mix of mid-90's hip-hop to get everyone's heads nodding.

When Nas finally came on, he jumped right into some Hip-Hop is Dead material. The crowd was pretty live, and although Nas didn't have a lazer show or anything, there was a huge HHID banner at the back of the stage with some sort of coffin prop in front of it, and the lighting followed the motif. As a huge fan of Nas' early material, and an admirer of his new album, I was pretty happy with the way he setup his show. After ripping through five tracks off HHID, including "Money Over Bullshit," "Hip-Hop is Dead," and "Black Republicans," the Little Homey took it all the way back to the beginning with some joints off Illmatic. He ran through another five joints before jumping into his next best album, It Was Written.

The rest of the show included some jumping back and forth from newer to older material, along with some lesser known tracks, including a Crispy Favorite, "Silent Murder." In all, he performed about three-quarters of Illmatic, but unfortunately, failed to play my favorite track, "Halftime." I can't complain, however, as he played just about every other one of his bangers. No matter which Nas people came to see, they got a taste of every major period of his career. The only thing I found odd was his decision to end his set with his verse of Kanye's "We Major." Below, I've posted what I can remember of his setlist. The question marks represent times where I either forgot to write something down, couldn't read what I wrote the next day (it was dark, I was drunk, and I was using my beer bottle to write on), or - in rare occurrances - didn't know the song. Towards the end of the show I ran out of paper and energy, so I definitely missed a few more, but it's a pretty good representation of what went down.

As for after the show, I can't really go into it, but I would like to give some official LCWT shout outs to: The Sportsman's Inn, Richard Cummings (no homo), Gemini, Club Balloons, Wednesday, and Dreamweaver.

Nas partial setlist, 4/15/07 - Providence, RI:

  1. Money Over Bullshit
  2. Hip-Hop is Dead
  3. Carry On Tradition
  4. QB True G
  5. Black Republican
  6. NY State of Mind
  7. Represent
  8. It Ain’t Hard to Tell
  9. The World is Yours
  10. Life’s a Bitch
  11. Affirmative Action
  12. The Message
  13. Street Dreams
  14. If I Ruled the World
  15. ?
  16. Oochie Wally
  17. Get Down
  18. ?
  19. No Idea’s Original
  20. I Want to Talk to You
  21. Silent Murder
  22. Nas is Like
  23. Hate Me Now
  24. One Mic
  25. One Love
  26. Made You Look
  27. We Major (his verse from Kanye West song)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Brother Ali - Undisputed Truth

It is no secret that we here at Long Crisp White Tee's sweat everything that a certain Minnesota-based albino named Brother Ali drops, and his new album Unidisputed Truth is no exception. Ali brings it hard on his sophmore release, and this album is a must cop. If Rakim says it, its gotta be truth....

Support one of the best independent artists out there and buy his shit. Also check him out on May 2nd at the Middle East Upstairs. Brother Ali fuckin' destroys the room every time he performs, believe that.

The Final Four - Show #112

We made it. On Tuesday night, your boys at Long Crisp White Tee's finally rapped up our hip-hop March (and April) Madness tournament with the Final Four. As you know, the final four artists were Gangstarr, B.I.G., Ghostface, and local favorite, Mr. Lif. We played a track from each and then crowned the winner - download the show to find out who it was. If you think we screwed it up and you still want to vote, click here.

We filled the rest of the show with tracks from our honorable mentions - artists that were left off the initial bracket, either by oversight or because they just missed the cut. click here for the playlist.

Click here to download the show (.mp3 format)

Next week were back to the regular format - straight dope hip-hop as always.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Jedi Mind Tricks Show 3/29/07

Here's some recently Youtubed footage from the show we attended at the Middle East a couple weeks back. Courtesy of Product of Society Street Entertainment.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

And Then There Were Four .... (Show #111)

What's up folks. The Super 16 and the Elite 8 in our Hip-Hop March Madness Bracket went down Tuesday, April 3rd (which doubled as the DDB's birthday) in the WMFO studios. We were back in our old 1-hour time slot and really had to rush to bang out 24 tracks from our favorite artists, including: Nas, Gangstarr, Method Man, Ghostface, Mr. Lif, Tribe, Akrobatik, Biggie, and more. For the full playlist click here.

note: The link is currently not working. It will be up soon

We also need your help to get from the Final Four (Furious Four? Fresh Four? Funky Four? - why do all "F" adjectives sound so damn corny?) down to the last MC standing.

Once you've listened to the show,
Vote on the Final Four HERE .

We'll tally up the votes, put our own 6 cents in and bring you the Final Four to start off the show next week, followed by some tracks from honorable mentions and those we just straight up forgot. Oh yeah, and I'll get that updated bracket up eventually. And if you see the DDB wandering the streets of the bean this weekend, hit him up with a happy birthday.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Reef, Sean P, and JMT Show - 3/29

This past Thursday the staff of LCWT's had the chance to catch Reef the Lost Cauze, Sean Price, and Jedi Mind Tricks all throw it down at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. Reef opened up to a crowd that was receptive, but obviously not too familiar with his work outside of his Army of the Pharaohs appearances. He acquitted himself nicely, performing "Give it Up" and "Sound of Philadelphia," among other tracks. Although the show wasn't as intimate and energetic as his show about a month back at the Great Scott and I would have liked to see "Humble Beginnings," overall he put on a good set, especially to a crowd that came to see either Sean P or Jedi Mind.

Reef got off the stage at around 10:45, with Sean Price scheduled for 11:00. However, at 11:30, a stage hand came on to tell us that Ruck was not yet in the building. He came on stage about 15 minutes later, but not before some of his weed carriers came on stage to make sure the levels were right and remind us about 55 times that Sean Price was - in fact - a member of the Boot Camp Clik. When he got on stage it was unclear whether he had actually been late to the show or had just been back stage sobering up enough to remember his rhymes. He put on a fairly short, but energetic set that left the crowd satisfied, although no one in the house was getting ready to call their friends to brag about it. When Price's set ended, only a handful of those in attendance left (it was well past midnight at this point) before the Jedi Mind Tricks set. While there were some BCC loyalists there to catch Price pimp his new album (which is solid, but struggling to keep pace with the pre-release hype at this point), most of the crowd was there to see Jedi Mind Tricks and came ready to brawl.

When the pint-sized pugilist Vinnie Paz took the stage, the place went nuts as he dove right into some of his classic joints, ripping verses in succession to ensure there was never a lull in the excitement. This was the first time in a while that the LCWT staff watched a show at the Middle East on the ground floor below the stage, and I was dismayed that I had to divert my eyes from the stage numerous times and stay vigilant lest any stragglers from the moshpit in front of us come barreling into me and Kimo Von Oelhoffen my knee. Luckily, the Middle East security staff came through and cordoned off the pit. Those guys are pretty much always on point - as long as you're not acting a fool or trying to puff weed in the club, you're always happy that they're present, especially with a crowd like the one that shows up to see Jedi Mind Tricks. Getting back to the show, the highlight was undoubtedly when former JMT member Jus Allah (the group had so much more going for it when he was on every track) took the stage to put old beefs aside and burn a couple verses from the vault of Jedi Mind classics (if I hadn't had so many PBR tallboys I'd tell you which ones, but it's all kind of running together at this point). The only downside was that Vinnie allowed his hype-man, Crypt the Warchild of Outerspace, to take over the stage for a couple tracks. Still, I've been to several JMT shows, and I'd have to say that due to the re-emergence of Jus Allah, this was one of the best.

After the show, as the place was clearing out and people were making their final merchandise purchases, an inebriated DDB managed to get drops for the station (91.5 WMFO, ya heard?) from Crypt the Warchild, Reef the Lost Cauze, Sean Price, and Vinnie Paz, himself. We'd throw up some pictures, but of course we all forgot our cameras. Here are the drops.

Crypt the Warchild WMFO drop

Reef the Lost Cauze WMFO drop

Sean Price WMFO drop

Vinnie Paz WMFO drop

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Round 2

On Tuesday, we ran down the round of 32 in our hip-hop march madness. Peep the bracket to see what upsets went down, then download the show below. Click here for the playlist. Also, check back for an update of the Reef the Lost Cauze, Sean Price, Jedi Mind Tricks show on 3/29 at the Middle East.

Download the show here (.mp3 format)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March Madness Round One (Show #109)

Here's how the first round shook out (click on the image for a larger version). We had a good time running through all 32 matchups in a special 2-hour show in our old time slot. Check the playlist here to see which songs we played.

Download it here (.mp3 format)

Tune back in next week at the regular time (12-1 am) to catch round 2.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hip Hop March Madness

Make sure you tune in next Tuesday, March 20th as we present the round of 64 of our hip-hop version of March Madness (click on the bracket for a larger version). As a special treat, we'll be back in our old time slot 10pm-12am for one week only. We also might see a guest appearance from the Usual Suspeckts themselves. Make sure you set your tape deck to record mode and grab two 60-minute Maxells.

Feel free to chime in on the first round matchups on the comments. The seedings aren't perfect, but they never are. We'll make the final decisions on who advances, if you don't agree with us then fuck off - make your own bracket.

Show 108

Show 108 featured a surprise visit by none other than Shivaa of the Usual Suspeckts, who came through with the B.O.S. Skwad, who played some tracks and upped their concert this past Wednesday at Emmanuel College. Unfortunately, the staff of Crispies couldn't make it as we headed down the Lupo's in Providence to catch the Lupe Fiasco concert. We forgot the camera so we don't have any pics, but trust it was a dope show.

Download the show here (.mp3 format)

Check back for our hip-hop field of 64 bracket.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mr. Lif 10th Anniversary Show

Ten years ago Boston's favorite dreadlocked emcee dropped Madness In a Cup, and this Saturday at The Paradise Mr. Lif returned to celebrate a full decade of reppin' the Bean. In front of a packed and energetic house Lif showed his appreciation for years of support by putting on a marathon set that was packed with old classics, new joints, and a bunch of sick cameos. Just a few of the highlights were "Washitup", "Earthcrusher", "Live at the Plantation", and an acapella version of "Fries", and "I Phantom". Towards the end of the show Akrobatik jumped on stage with Lif, and the two-thirds of The Perceptionists present proceeded to absolutely demolish the crowd. Performances of "Inhuman Capabilities", "Memorial Day", and "Let's Move" had the crowd screaming along to every word. A surprise appearance by Ed O.G. and a 10 minute Ak and Lif freestyle session were a fitting end to the Boston 10 year anniversary show. Truth be told, it was one of the sickest Lif shows I've ever been lucky enough to see. Dude absolutely wrecked shit. Below are a couple pics that I sniped after show while the crowd hounded Lif at the merch table.

Willie Evans Jr., DJ Therapy (of the Alias Brothers), and The DDB.

DDB and Edan

DDB and Ak

Friday, March 9, 2007

The Greatest Rapper of All Time Died on March 9th...

Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace
May 21st, 1972 - March 9th, 1997
Throw on Ready to Die and pour a little liquor out tonight
in honor of the greatest emcee of all time.
R.I.P. Biggie.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Biggie Tribute Show (#107)

As people all know, this Friday - March 9th - marks the tenth anniversary of the Notorious B.I.G.'s untimely passing. So naturally we put together a show honoring the one and only Frank White. Only BIG tracks and tracks featuring BIG made the cut. Check out the Breathe remix, Daytona 500 remix, as well as the Brooklyn's Finest remix courtesy of DJ Chops. As always, check the playlist at

Download the show here (.mp3 format)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Perceptionists In-Store - Thurs. 3/8

That's right. Lif and Ak will be doing an in-store at the retail store on, right by the intersection of Huntington and Mass Ave. in Boston on Thursday night at 7pm. Don't miss a chance to see some classics, get some shit signed, and peep the staff of Long Crispies. This reminds me of when I saw these two in the back of the now-closed Tower Records in Harvard Square during my sophomore year of high school (1999). I still have my signed stickers!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Shows #105 & #106

Crispie White's is for the babies.

Sorry for the wait. Here are the last two shows - an hour each.

Show #105 (.mp3 format)

Show #106 (.mp3 format)

Tune in Tuesday, March 6th - midnight - 1am.

Upcoming Concerts

What up kids. We apologize for the delay on posting the last two shows, Big Rils is working on getting the files ready and dealing with a few technical difficulties. In the mean time I thought I'd clue y'all in on a few hot shows that are going to be coming around the Boston area over the next few months. You best believe that you need to get your ass to as many of these shows as possible. Here you go, in chronological order:

Edit: Sorry, I fucked up and put that the Lif show was at the Avalon on 3/10. It is actually at the Paradise. My bad.

March 10th: Mr. Lif - The Paradise *
March 13th: The Roots and Lupe Fiasco - Avalon
March 14th: Lupe Fiasco - Lupos
March 29th: Jedi Mind Tricks, Sean Price & Reef The Lost Cauze - Middle East
March 30th: The Clipse - Lupos
April 1st: Immortal Technique - Middle East
April 14th: RJD2 - Middle East
April 15th: Nas - Lupos
May 1st: El-P - Middle East
May 2nd: Brother Ali - Middle East
May 23rd & 24th: Sage Francis & Buck 65 - Middle East

* Seriously people, Saturday, March 10th at The Paradise. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. It is Lif's Boston homecoming, and if his show in Northampton was any indicator, dude is gonna do some serious work for the Beantown crowd. One.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sorry for Sleeping...

What's up folks. Sorry we've been away for a while. If you're looking for show #105, we'll post it on Wednesday, along with #106 for a full two hours. Meanwhile - we also missed the 8th anniversary of a legend's death, as Big L passed away on 2-15-1999. Here are some tributes to him from XXL and HiphopDX, respectively.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Show #104 - Black History Month Celebration

As promised, we dropped our Black History Month celebratory show on Tuesday night, from midnight - 1am (I know, the new time and shorter show sucks - we feel you). It features some inspirational and relevant words from Martin, Huey, and Malcolm as well as classic tracks from Mos, Kweli, Lif, Akrobatik, Ghostface, Nas, and more (full playlist).

Click Here to download the show (.mp3 format)
(Note: due to the unreliability of the wmfo website and their limited storage capacity, we'll now be offering our shows to download via zshare)

You may notice that this show includes much less rambling than previous shows. While this is good for listeners, it's not so good for us, as that rambling usually came in the last hour of the show when we were much more - ahem - inebriated, and therefore having more fun (To all WMFO exec boards who may be reading this post, 'inebriated' is being used strictly as a euphemism in this case and no drinking of alcoholic beverages takes place in WMFO studios during our show). On that note, let's all tip one out for the second hour of Long Crispies.

Usual Suspeckts Video

Any Long Crisp White Tee's fan worth their weight in empty 40 oz. bottles know that we love to big-up our boys Usual Suspeckts. For those of y'all who have been sleeping on the Boston hip-hop game, Usual Suspeckts in one of the hottest up and coming groups out in the Bean. Bobby O, Medesin Man, Nacious, and Shivaa have already brought it hard once with their instant classic, Usual Suspecktz Mixtape: Volume 1, and they're working hard to bring some new fire to the Boston scene. These dudes are constantly grinding in the studio with their beatsmith, Q, and always are good for a couple hot new tracks when they drop by the Crispy studios. They're currently putting the finishing touches on their latest street masterpiece, Under Investigation: Case File 1, which will be burning up the airways on LCWTs as soon as it gets dropped. In the meantime, enjoy this eagerly anticipated video for one of their sickest bangers so far, "Blood In My Eyes". Also, peep their MySpace Page for more pictures and videos. (The song "Never Fall Off" over the Living Legends' "Never Falling Down" beat is straight ridiculous). UUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dirty South Grammy's

T.I., Chamillionaire, and Ludacris all won Grammy's on Sunday night. Somehow, none of them made it onto Long Crisp White Tee's Top 10 Albums of 2006. Go figure.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Lif Show in Northampton

The staff of LCWT's headed to Northampton on Saturday to catch Mr. Lif, who re-scheduled his tour after the horrific tour bus crash in December. As always, he put on a ridiculous show, from opening up with "Brothaz" to playing some old school favorites in "Home of the Brave," "Earthcrusher," and "Live From the Plantation." Lif was aided on stage by Willie Evans, Jr. and DJ Therapy (who also kicked a few verses) of the AB's (formerly Asamov). The video above is an acapella performance of "The Fries." At the end of the show, we got Lif and the AB's to record some drops for WMFO.

Mr. Lif Drop

Willie Evans, Jr. Drop

Therapy Drop

Again, make sure to tune in Tuesday, February 13th at midnight for the Long Crispies Black History Month Dedication Show.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

LCWT's Late Night Edition

As you've undoubtedly heard, Long Crisp White Tee's was bumped out of its usual time slot and is now hitting the airwaves starting at 12am Tuesday nights. Last night was the first show in our new slot and we lasted until 2am, but for future shows we're going to have to run a truncated version, lasting from midnight - 1am.

Download show #103 here (.mp3)

The playlist

Get back at us next week for a one-hour Black History Month version of LCWT's

Monday, February 5, 2007

New Time Slot

Unfortunately, due to the machinations of the wmfo scheduling process and station executive board inner-politics, your favorite radio show has been bumped out of its time slot. This Tuesday, February 6th, Long Crisp White Tee's will air from 12am - 2am. We are working on switching time slots but it does not look promising and we may be forced to run a truncated show for the spring and go from 12am - 1am. Tune in on Tuesday to find out more.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Nas and Juelz Santana

Here's the Juelz freestyle over the Black Republicans beat. I chopped off the Weezy verse and threw Nas' back on there. Much better.

Nas ft. Juelz Santana - Black Republicans (remix)

Reef the Lost Cauze Concert and Nas tracks

The staff of Crispie's went down to Great Scott in Allston last night to catch some local acts and Philly's own Reef the Lost Cauze. The opening acts were decent, with the exception of the Dead Poets who got on stage and did something that didn't really resemble hip-hop to those in attendance. One of the early highlights was the performance by Relentless, who performed with Konundrum. Check for him on LCWT's in the near future. Amadeus the Stampede of the Greater Good put on a good set featuring some solo material off his upcoming album, then the rest of Greater Good, including Prone 2, Jake the Snake, and Benny B joined him on stage for some new tracks. "Holy Roller," produced by Amadeus himself, brought it pretty hard. Unfortunately, despite encouragement from the DDB, they declined to perform "The Hater Bounce" off of Jake the Snake's Strategy of a Crown. At the end of his set, Reef joined Amadeus on stage to do one last track together. While the crowd was fairly sparse throughout the evening, it got pretty crowded up by the stage once Lost Cauze started doing his thing. He worked the crowd and performed a bunch of his burners, including "Give it Up," "Sound of Philadelphia," and "This is My Life." Reef put on a great set, but he was much smaller than expected. He couldn't have been taller than 5'9". On another note, Sullee, of (ego trip's) White Rapper Show, showed up to mingle with the crowd and make good on his 15 minutes.

-Since they're on every other hip-hop related site, I figured we'd post the menagerie of Nas "Where Are They Now" remixes.

80's Remix ft. Ft. MC Shan, Raheem (Furious Five), Doctor Ice (UTFO), Kangol (UTFO), Kool Moe Dee, Sha Rock (Funky Four +1), Tito (Fearless Four), Grandmaster Caz (Cold Crush Brothers), Lique (Isis of X Clan), Dana Dane, Pebblee Poo & Just Ice.

90's Remix ft. Redhead Kingpin, The Original Spinderella, Rob Base, Father MC, Monie Love, Mike D (of the Jungle Brothers), EST (of 3XDope), Positive K, Das EFX, Lords of the Underground, Dres (of Black Sheep).

West Coast Remix ft. Breeze, Kam, King Tee, Candyman, Threat, Ice-T, Sir Mix-A-Lot and the Conscious Daughters (with scratches from DJ Bobcat).

While we're at it, here's the KRS-One tribute to Nas.

And this Joell Ortiz track is pretty dope.

Long Crisp White Tee's 103

For some reason, the links to our old shows aren't working, but our most recent show is up, and it was another banger. Here's the playlist.

Download our last show here (.mp3)

Due to a scheduling mixup, we may be moving to a new time slot next week. Bear with us while we try to clear it up and check back here and the myspace for updates.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Producer Disco D Found Dead

As you may have heard, hip-hop producer Disco D, the man behind 50 Cent's "Ski Mask Way," committed suicide on Tuesday. Click here for the story, here for a 2005 interview, and here to see what his friend DJ Warrior has to say about it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Long Crisp White Tee's 101

Here's our 101st show. Watch for the Jay-z/Redman "Lost One's" remix, Exclusive off the new Brother Ali album, and other classic and new tracks. Plus we unveiled some new drops from none other than Usual Suspeckts (check out the new tracks on their myspace). Here's the playlist.

Download our last show - #101 (.mp3)

Make sure to tune in every week. Tuesday 10pm-12am. 91.5 WMFO Boston.

You Mad Cuz We Stylin On You?

Stones Throw Records recently dropped Stones Throw: Ten Years to celebrate a decade of quality music.

Brother Ali's album has been pushed back and is now set to drop April 10th. I recently got my hands on an advance copy so be on the lookout for our first Long Crisp White Album Review. El-P's I'll Sleep When Your Dead is set for March 20th and Jesus Price Superstar from the artist formerly known as Ruck should be landing January 30th. Everything I've heard off that has been tight and you should expect more of the same from "the brokest rapper alive."

Speaking of Sean P, he's reportedly working on a new album featuring Stones Throw's Guilty Simpson.

Not to be outdone, Q-Tip is set to drop two albums in '07

The Paid Dues Festival in San Bernadino, CA has confirmed some more acts, including Lif.

If you've been watching (ego trip's) White Rapper Show, LCWT's is clearly rooting for Bostonite Sullee. Anyway, here's an interview with the first rapper off the show, Dasit.

If you've been in a box and missed the incarceration of DJ Drama and the RIAA holy war against the mixtape, here's a nice summary courtesy of the New York Times.

A gay rapper calls out 50, among others.

Good to see Mos Def getting some props for his acting - he's been asked to be a juror at Sundance. After listening to True Magic, though, I have to wonder if he's ever gonna get back to rapping.

This one isn't hip-hop related, but you gotta love the balls on Hugo Chavez.

Friday, January 19, 2007

40 oz.

It might be hard to believe, but we here at Long Crisp White Tee's don't make our living off running the illest hip-hop show in Boston. We're working stiffs like the rest of y'all, and just like the rest of you people, the DDB is bored as fuck as work, and anxious to get at it now that it is almost Friday night. So sit back and relax, kill a little time with the video below, and get your mind ready to pop the top on that fresh bottle of your favorite malt liquor once 5pm rolls around.

Eminem and D12 - "40 oz."

R.I.P. Proof
Go Pats

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

100th Show!

Last night, Long Crisp White Tee's hit the century mark with our 100th show in nearly two years on the airwaves. The set list included strictly bangers and Kak Nasty checked in from the district to reminisce.

Download the show here (.mp3)

As always, keep it locked every Tuesday, from 10pm - 12am and be on the lookout for our two-year anniversary coming up.


The Paid Dues Festival is back for year 2 on March 24 in San Bernadino, CA. So far Murs & Slug are confirmed

Bay area rappers are raising money for public schools

Apparently, Kanye's show with HBO will not be a reality show. 36 Mafia, on the other, will be starring in a reality show.

Stomp the Yard has been banned from a string of Illinois theaters. Apparently not fearful of being dubbed a racist, the owner explained, "I was fearful (Stomp the Yard) could become the occasion for more gang violence, because I felt certain it would draw that audience."

Reef the Lost Cauze's take on the death of hip-hop.

This is old, but see what Immortal Technique has to say about Gangsta Rap and Revolution.

Last week was The Wire week at Here's the interview with the man who plays Omar.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What up kids, its ya boy DDB and I'm proud to bring you my first contribution to the official Long Crisp White Tee's website. Much respect to Big Rils for getting the site up and running. The dude locked down the "Hardest Working DJ" award in 2006, and he is already putting in serious work for the repeat in '07. As always, check the site regularly for consistent updates from the DJs, including links to download our show, hip-hop current events and news, videos, and links to whatever we feel you need to see. If you're lucky you may even catch a good ol' Olde English-fueled rant from The DDB now and then. Crispy Whites brings you the best free hip-hop you can find on the radio every Tuesday, and now we're fixin' to bring you the illest site on the web.

For all you mixtape-heads out there, or anyone looking for good new hip-hop music, peep this site Get Right brings you all the ill new mixtapes and hot tracks to download for free. The crew of Crispy Whites are already big fans. Here are a couple Crispy choice selections from the site that have been getting serious burn in our crib and whips.

Mick Boogie presents: Nas & AZ - Executive Decision

Award winning DJ Mick Boogie brings you that Nas-AZ collabo you always wished they had made. Little Homey and AZ kill it with a couple of their classic duos, and Mick picks up the slack with remixes that pair the two emcees on the rest of the tracks.

Clinton Sparks & DJ Boogie Blind present: Pharoahe Monch - The Awakening

Crispy favorite Pharoahe Monch drops his new mixtape The Awakening as a pre-cursor to his upcoming album Desire. Clinton Sparks, recently voted "Best Club DJ" at the Mixtape Awards, mixes the beats behind Pharoahe's always sick lyrical flow.

Talib Kweli: Blacksmith - The Movement

Kweli is back with a mixtape featuring himself and artists off his new label, Blacksmith Records. DJ Eque mixes the beats as Kweli and his crew kill it again.

Thats all for now kids. Check out and remember to tune in next week, Tuesday, Jan. 16th for Long Crisp White Tee's 100th show. There will be 40s aplenty as we get our minds right in the studio and treat y'all to a seriously sick setlist. Don't sleep on this one.



What's up,

This is Big Rils - Long Crisp White Tee's DJ and unofficial website administrator. Make sure you keep checking into the site for frequent updates. Since our show airs Tuesday night, the link should be posted on the website no later than Wednesday afternoon. We usually run two or three other updates throughout the week - one around thursday or friday, and one on sunday or monday - with news, links, tracks, and ramblings.

Also keep your eyes peeled for posts from other LCWT DJs - The DDB, Mzarecta, and Kak Nasty.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

January 9th Show

Click the link to download our last show, featuring guest DJs J-Ryke and Protekt Ya Neck and the return of the Mzarecta behind the boards! Check the playlist here.

Download our last show (.mp3)

Make sure you tune in next week for show #100, it's gonna be a classic. Matter of fact, tune in every week - Tuesday, 10pm-12am. Big ups to U.S. for hooking us up with some new drops for the show.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Jeff Chang, author of Can't Stop Won't Stop has a new book coming out. Check out this interview with him and hip-hop journalist Brian Coleman, author of Rakim Told Me: Wax Facts Straight from the Original Artists.

You could win a deal with Def Jux and a collabo with Mr. Lif.

Pretty informative site. Includes link to the hip-hop archive @ Stanford (formerly at Harvard).

This documentary about the Boston hip-hop scene came out in 2004. It hasn't been distributed yet, but you can catch clips at the website and I'll keep my eyes peeled for screenings.

While we're on the subject - here are some dope Boston hip-hop tracks from back in the day that you should dig up:

Virtuoso ft. Mr. Lif, Esoteric - Orion's Belt
Akrobatik - Woman
X-Caliber - Brand Name Woman
7L & Esoteric - Protocol
Kreators ft. Edo G., Big Shug, Guru, Akrobatik, Krumbsnatcha - Home

Reks - In Who We Trust
Porn Theatre Ushers - Me and Him