Thursday, February 1, 2007

Reef the Lost Cauze Concert and Nas tracks

The staff of Crispie's went down to Great Scott in Allston last night to catch some local acts and Philly's own Reef the Lost Cauze. The opening acts were decent, with the exception of the Dead Poets who got on stage and did something that didn't really resemble hip-hop to those in attendance. One of the early highlights was the performance by Relentless, who performed with Konundrum. Check for him on LCWT's in the near future. Amadeus the Stampede of the Greater Good put on a good set featuring some solo material off his upcoming album, then the rest of Greater Good, including Prone 2, Jake the Snake, and Benny B joined him on stage for some new tracks. "Holy Roller," produced by Amadeus himself, brought it pretty hard. Unfortunately, despite encouragement from the DDB, they declined to perform "The Hater Bounce" off of Jake the Snake's Strategy of a Crown. At the end of his set, Reef joined Amadeus on stage to do one last track together. While the crowd was fairly sparse throughout the evening, it got pretty crowded up by the stage once Lost Cauze started doing his thing. He worked the crowd and performed a bunch of his burners, including "Give it Up," "Sound of Philadelphia," and "This is My Life." Reef put on a great set, but he was much smaller than expected. He couldn't have been taller than 5'9". On another note, Sullee, of (ego trip's) White Rapper Show, showed up to mingle with the crowd and make good on his 15 minutes.

-Since they're on every other hip-hop related site, I figured we'd post the menagerie of Nas "Where Are They Now" remixes.

80's Remix ft. Ft. MC Shan, Raheem (Furious Five), Doctor Ice (UTFO), Kangol (UTFO), Kool Moe Dee, Sha Rock (Funky Four +1), Tito (Fearless Four), Grandmaster Caz (Cold Crush Brothers), Lique (Isis of X Clan), Dana Dane, Pebblee Poo & Just Ice.

90's Remix ft. Redhead Kingpin, The Original Spinderella, Rob Base, Father MC, Monie Love, Mike D (of the Jungle Brothers), EST (of 3XDope), Positive K, Das EFX, Lords of the Underground, Dres (of Black Sheep).

West Coast Remix ft. Breeze, Kam, King Tee, Candyman, Threat, Ice-T, Sir Mix-A-Lot and the Conscious Daughters (with scratches from DJ Bobcat).

While we're at it, here's the KRS-One tribute to Nas.

And this Joell Ortiz track is pretty dope.

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