Monday, February 12, 2007

Lif Show in Northampton

The staff of LCWT's headed to Northampton on Saturday to catch Mr. Lif, who re-scheduled his tour after the horrific tour bus crash in December. As always, he put on a ridiculous show, from opening up with "Brothaz" to playing some old school favorites in "Home of the Brave," "Earthcrusher," and "Live From the Plantation." Lif was aided on stage by Willie Evans, Jr. and DJ Therapy (who also kicked a few verses) of the AB's (formerly Asamov). The video above is an acapella performance of "The Fries." At the end of the show, we got Lif and the AB's to record some drops for WMFO.

Mr. Lif Drop

Willie Evans, Jr. Drop

Therapy Drop

Again, make sure to tune in Tuesday, February 13th at midnight for the Long Crispies Black History Month Dedication Show.

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