Wednesday, February 7, 2007

LCWT's Late Night Edition

As you've undoubtedly heard, Long Crisp White Tee's was bumped out of its usual time slot and is now hitting the airwaves starting at 12am Tuesday nights. Last night was the first show in our new slot and we lasted until 2am, but for future shows we're going to have to run a truncated version, lasting from midnight - 1am.

Download show #103 here (.mp3)

The playlist

Get back at us next week for a one-hour Black History Month version of LCWT's


Anonymous said...

The fact that they bumped the best show on their bitch-ass station to the midnite slot is some straight bullshit. The new 10-12 show is on some old limp-wrist, Elton John, rainbow armband ish. I'm starting a petition at "" to lobby for LCWTs from 9-12 every Tuesday. Those bitches at WMFO owe me at least another hour of the illest hip-hop every week. Fuck the man, Crispy Whites for life!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the man. Fight the power. And if that doesn't work, sack up and put on your full 2 hour show. I mean you can't possibly drink 2 40's during that 1 hour spot and that's half the fun of doing the show.