Thursday, February 15, 2007

Show #104 - Black History Month Celebration

As promised, we dropped our Black History Month celebratory show on Tuesday night, from midnight - 1am (I know, the new time and shorter show sucks - we feel you). It features some inspirational and relevant words from Martin, Huey, and Malcolm as well as classic tracks from Mos, Kweli, Lif, Akrobatik, Ghostface, Nas, and more (full playlist).

Click Here to download the show (.mp3 format)
(Note: due to the unreliability of the wmfo website and their limited storage capacity, we'll now be offering our shows to download via zshare)

You may notice that this show includes much less rambling than previous shows. While this is good for listeners, it's not so good for us, as that rambling usually came in the last hour of the show when we were much more - ahem - inebriated, and therefore having more fun (To all WMFO exec boards who may be reading this post, 'inebriated' is being used strictly as a euphemism in this case and no drinking of alcoholic beverages takes place in WMFO studios during our show). On that note, let's all tip one out for the second hour of Long Crispies.

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