Thursday, January 25, 2007

Producer Disco D Found Dead

As you may have heard, hip-hop producer Disco D, the man behind 50 Cent's "Ski Mask Way," committed suicide on Tuesday. Click here for the story, here for a 2005 interview, and here to see what his friend DJ Warrior has to say about it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Long Crisp White Tee's 101

Here's our 101st show. Watch for the Jay-z/Redman "Lost One's" remix, Exclusive off the new Brother Ali album, and other classic and new tracks. Plus we unveiled some new drops from none other than Usual Suspeckts (check out the new tracks on their myspace). Here's the playlist.

Download our last show - #101 (.mp3)

Make sure to tune in every week. Tuesday 10pm-12am. 91.5 WMFO Boston.

You Mad Cuz We Stylin On You?

Stones Throw Records recently dropped Stones Throw: Ten Years to celebrate a decade of quality music.

Brother Ali's album has been pushed back and is now set to drop April 10th. I recently got my hands on an advance copy so be on the lookout for our first Long Crisp White Album Review. El-P's I'll Sleep When Your Dead is set for March 20th and Jesus Price Superstar from the artist formerly known as Ruck should be landing January 30th. Everything I've heard off that has been tight and you should expect more of the same from "the brokest rapper alive."

Speaking of Sean P, he's reportedly working on a new album featuring Stones Throw's Guilty Simpson.

Not to be outdone, Q-Tip is set to drop two albums in '07

The Paid Dues Festival in San Bernadino, CA has confirmed some more acts, including Lif.

If you've been watching (ego trip's) White Rapper Show, LCWT's is clearly rooting for Bostonite Sullee. Anyway, here's an interview with the first rapper off the show, Dasit.

If you've been in a box and missed the incarceration of DJ Drama and the RIAA holy war against the mixtape, here's a nice summary courtesy of the New York Times.

A gay rapper calls out 50, among others.

Good to see Mos Def getting some props for his acting - he's been asked to be a juror at Sundance. After listening to True Magic, though, I have to wonder if he's ever gonna get back to rapping.

This one isn't hip-hop related, but you gotta love the balls on Hugo Chavez.

Friday, January 19, 2007

40 oz.

It might be hard to believe, but we here at Long Crisp White Tee's don't make our living off running the illest hip-hop show in Boston. We're working stiffs like the rest of y'all, and just like the rest of you people, the DDB is bored as fuck as work, and anxious to get at it now that it is almost Friday night. So sit back and relax, kill a little time with the video below, and get your mind ready to pop the top on that fresh bottle of your favorite malt liquor once 5pm rolls around.

Eminem and D12 - "40 oz."

R.I.P. Proof
Go Pats

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

100th Show!

Last night, Long Crisp White Tee's hit the century mark with our 100th show in nearly two years on the airwaves. The set list included strictly bangers and Kak Nasty checked in from the district to reminisce.

Download the show here (.mp3)

As always, keep it locked every Tuesday, from 10pm - 12am and be on the lookout for our two-year anniversary coming up.


The Paid Dues Festival is back for year 2 on March 24 in San Bernadino, CA. So far Murs & Slug are confirmed

Bay area rappers are raising money for public schools

Apparently, Kanye's show with HBO will not be a reality show. 36 Mafia, on the other, will be starring in a reality show.

Stomp the Yard has been banned from a string of Illinois theaters. Apparently not fearful of being dubbed a racist, the owner explained, "I was fearful (Stomp the Yard) could become the occasion for more gang violence, because I felt certain it would draw that audience."

Reef the Lost Cauze's take on the death of hip-hop.

This is old, but see what Immortal Technique has to say about Gangsta Rap and Revolution.

Last week was The Wire week at Here's the interview with the man who plays Omar.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What up kids, its ya boy DDB and I'm proud to bring you my first contribution to the official Long Crisp White Tee's website. Much respect to Big Rils for getting the site up and running. The dude locked down the "Hardest Working DJ" award in 2006, and he is already putting in serious work for the repeat in '07. As always, check the site regularly for consistent updates from the DJs, including links to download our show, hip-hop current events and news, videos, and links to whatever we feel you need to see. If you're lucky you may even catch a good ol' Olde English-fueled rant from The DDB now and then. Crispy Whites brings you the best free hip-hop you can find on the radio every Tuesday, and now we're fixin' to bring you the illest site on the web.

For all you mixtape-heads out there, or anyone looking for good new hip-hop music, peep this site Get Right brings you all the ill new mixtapes and hot tracks to download for free. The crew of Crispy Whites are already big fans. Here are a couple Crispy choice selections from the site that have been getting serious burn in our crib and whips.

Mick Boogie presents: Nas & AZ - Executive Decision

Award winning DJ Mick Boogie brings you that Nas-AZ collabo you always wished they had made. Little Homey and AZ kill it with a couple of their classic duos, and Mick picks up the slack with remixes that pair the two emcees on the rest of the tracks.

Clinton Sparks & DJ Boogie Blind present: Pharoahe Monch - The Awakening

Crispy favorite Pharoahe Monch drops his new mixtape The Awakening as a pre-cursor to his upcoming album Desire. Clinton Sparks, recently voted "Best Club DJ" at the Mixtape Awards, mixes the beats behind Pharoahe's always sick lyrical flow.

Talib Kweli: Blacksmith - The Movement

Kweli is back with a mixtape featuring himself and artists off his new label, Blacksmith Records. DJ Eque mixes the beats as Kweli and his crew kill it again.

Thats all for now kids. Check out and remember to tune in next week, Tuesday, Jan. 16th for Long Crisp White Tee's 100th show. There will be 40s aplenty as we get our minds right in the studio and treat y'all to a seriously sick setlist. Don't sleep on this one.



What's up,

This is Big Rils - Long Crisp White Tee's DJ and unofficial website administrator. Make sure you keep checking into the site for frequent updates. Since our show airs Tuesday night, the link should be posted on the website no later than Wednesday afternoon. We usually run two or three other updates throughout the week - one around thursday or friday, and one on sunday or monday - with news, links, tracks, and ramblings.

Also keep your eyes peeled for posts from other LCWT DJs - The DDB, Mzarecta, and Kak Nasty.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

January 9th Show

Click the link to download our last show, featuring guest DJs J-Ryke and Protekt Ya Neck and the return of the Mzarecta behind the boards! Check the playlist here.

Download our last show (.mp3)

Make sure you tune in next week for show #100, it's gonna be a classic. Matter of fact, tune in every week - Tuesday, 10pm-12am. Big ups to U.S. for hooking us up with some new drops for the show.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Jeff Chang, author of Can't Stop Won't Stop has a new book coming out. Check out this interview with him and hip-hop journalist Brian Coleman, author of Rakim Told Me: Wax Facts Straight from the Original Artists.

You could win a deal with Def Jux and a collabo with Mr. Lif.

Pretty informative site. Includes link to the hip-hop archive @ Stanford (formerly at Harvard).

This documentary about the Boston hip-hop scene came out in 2004. It hasn't been distributed yet, but you can catch clips at the website and I'll keep my eyes peeled for screenings.

While we're on the subject - here are some dope Boston hip-hop tracks from back in the day that you should dig up:

Virtuoso ft. Mr. Lif, Esoteric - Orion's Belt
Akrobatik - Woman
X-Caliber - Brand Name Woman
7L & Esoteric - Protocol
Kreators ft. Edo G., Big Shug, Guru, Akrobatik, Krumbsnatcha - Home

Reks - In Who We Trust
Porn Theatre Ushers - Me and Him

Friday, January 5, 2007

Boston MC: Lyrical

Big ups to Kak Nasty for this link about Boston MC Lyrical

This dude has been around the Boston scene for years. He was even a member of the now-defunct group X-Caliber. When I was 14 I was at a house party and they came through, dropped some rhymes, and handed out bright blue ca ssette tapes with the tracks, "Brand Name Woman"and "Butta Messanga." Friend of Long Crisp White Tee's and frequent guest DJ Mythic Beast still has the single on vinyl. Lyrical's album - iNFiNiTi - was released in 2005 and can be downloaded through iT unes.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Pharoahe, St. Ides, and Liberation

- Former Organized Konfusion lyricist Pharoahe Monch has released a new track to educate folks about gun violence. Check out the original Organized Konfusion track "Stray Bullet" here.

You can see the video for "Gun Draws" at

Be on the lookout for Pharoahe's new album - Desire - dropping in early '07. You can download his most recent mixtape - The Awakening - by torrent, here.

- This is what makes youtube great. Check out the old school St. Ides commercials featuring King Tee, Snoop, and Pac.

- Kweli & Madlib have put together a 9 track album called "Liberation" and Kwe is giving it away for free through his myspace. Download the album here, then check out his message to the fans.

First Show of the New Year!

Here's a link to our last show - January 2nd, 2007. We brought in 07 with a laid back show, a little under the weather from New Year's Eve. Some old favorites and some new tracks from Kweli & Madlib, Mr. Lif, Sean Price, Skyzoo, Kaze, and Trife. Click here for the whole playlist.

Download our last show (as .mp3)

We'll be back in full force with the return of the Mzarecta next week. As always, hit us at the myspace if you got tracks for us. Peace.