Thursday, July 12, 2007

Old School Banger of the Week

"'s like that, you know it's like that...."
Quick Old School Banger for y'all this week. We got Nasty Nas in your area....bout to cause mad hysteria. Another classic from QB's finest off one of the top five hip-hop albums of all time, Illmatic.
Nas - "Halftime"

I wanna give a special shout-out to the two fucking Tufts Rent-A-Cops who had nothing better to do Tuesday night than shut down our show on some straight bullshit. I understand that you two bitches got bored of sitting in your cruiser and dyking out all night, but the 40 minute powertrip that you made myself, Mzarecta, and the whole U.S. squad sit through was laughable and pathetic. Get a real fuckin job.



Monday, July 2, 2007

Old School Banger of the Week

"...this is how we chill from '93 til..."

Summer is finally underway. The weather is warm, shorties are wearing the fine summer dresses, and it is time for an Old School Banger to get you in the summer mood. Seeing as the 4th of July festivities are this Wednesday, I thought I'd hit y'all with a classic laid back summer jam to bump at your grillfest or whatever other activities you got going on. Coming straight out of Oakland, and comprising a part of the Oakland supergroup Hieroglyphics, I give you :

Souls of Mischief - " '93 Til Infinity"