Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What up kids, its ya boy DDB and I'm proud to bring you my first contribution to the official Long Crisp White Tee's website. Much respect to Big Rils for getting the site up and running. The dude locked down the "Hardest Working DJ" award in 2006, and he is already putting in serious work for the repeat in '07. As always, check the site regularly for consistent updates from the DJs, including links to download our show, hip-hop current events and news, videos, and links to whatever we feel you need to see. If you're lucky you may even catch a good ol' Olde English-fueled rant from The DDB now and then. Crispy Whites brings you the best free hip-hop you can find on the radio every Tuesday, and now we're fixin' to bring you the illest site on the web.

For all you mixtape-heads out there, or anyone looking for good new hip-hop music, peep this site Get Right brings you all the ill new mixtapes and hot tracks to download for free. The crew of Crispy Whites are already big fans. Here are a couple Crispy choice selections from the site that have been getting serious burn in our crib and whips.

Mick Boogie presents: Nas & AZ - Executive Decision

Award winning DJ Mick Boogie brings you that Nas-AZ collabo you always wished they had made. Little Homey and AZ kill it with a couple of their classic duos, and Mick picks up the slack with remixes that pair the two emcees on the rest of the tracks.

Clinton Sparks & DJ Boogie Blind present: Pharoahe Monch - The Awakening

Crispy favorite Pharoahe Monch drops his new mixtape The Awakening as a pre-cursor to his upcoming album Desire. Clinton Sparks, recently voted "Best Club DJ" at the Mixtape Awards, mixes the beats behind Pharoahe's always sick lyrical flow.

Talib Kweli: Blacksmith - The Movement

Kweli is back with a mixtape featuring himself and artists off his new label, Blacksmith Records. DJ Eque mixes the beats as Kweli and his crew kill it again.

Thats all for now kids. Check out and remember to tune in next week, Tuesday, Jan. 16th for Long Crisp White Tee's 100th show. There will be 40s aplenty as we get our minds right in the studio and treat y'all to a seriously sick setlist. Don't sleep on this one.


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Tim said...

Good work on the 100th show and the site fellas. Glad to be the first of many to leave a comment on the site.

OldE for Life,