Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The Paid Dues Festival is back for year 2 on March 24 in San Bernadino, CA. So far Murs & Slug are confirmed

Bay area rappers are raising money for public schools

Apparently, Kanye's show with HBO will not be a reality show. 36 Mafia, on the other, will be starring in a reality show.

Stomp the Yard has been banned from a string of Illinois theaters. Apparently not fearful of being dubbed a racist, the owner explained, "I was fearful (Stomp the Yard) could become the occasion for more gang violence, because I felt certain it would draw that audience."

Reef the Lost Cauze's take on the death of hip-hop.

This is old, but see what Immortal Technique has to say about Gangsta Rap and Revolution.

Last week was The Wire week at Here's the interview with the man who plays Omar.

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