Thursday, February 15, 2007

Usual Suspeckts Video

Any Long Crisp White Tee's fan worth their weight in empty 40 oz. bottles know that we love to big-up our boys Usual Suspeckts. For those of y'all who have been sleeping on the Boston hip-hop game, Usual Suspeckts in one of the hottest up and coming groups out in the Bean. Bobby O, Medesin Man, Nacious, and Shivaa have already brought it hard once with their instant classic, Usual Suspecktz Mixtape: Volume 1, and they're working hard to bring some new fire to the Boston scene. These dudes are constantly grinding in the studio with their beatsmith, Q, and always are good for a couple hot new tracks when they drop by the Crispy studios. They're currently putting the finishing touches on their latest street masterpiece, Under Investigation: Case File 1, which will be burning up the airways on LCWTs as soon as it gets dropped. In the meantime, enjoy this eagerly anticipated video for one of their sickest bangers so far, "Blood In My Eyes". Also, peep their MySpace Page for more pictures and videos. (The song "Never Fall Off" over the Living Legends' "Never Falling Down" beat is straight ridiculous). UUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

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