Wednesday, April 4, 2007

And Then There Were Four .... (Show #111)

What's up folks. The Super 16 and the Elite 8 in our Hip-Hop March Madness Bracket went down Tuesday, April 3rd (which doubled as the DDB's birthday) in the WMFO studios. We were back in our old 1-hour time slot and really had to rush to bang out 24 tracks from our favorite artists, including: Nas, Gangstarr, Method Man, Ghostface, Mr. Lif, Tribe, Akrobatik, Biggie, and more. For the full playlist click here.

note: The link is currently not working. It will be up soon

We also need your help to get from the Final Four (Furious Four? Fresh Four? Funky Four? - why do all "F" adjectives sound so damn corny?) down to the last MC standing.

Once you've listened to the show,
Vote on the Final Four HERE .

We'll tally up the votes, put our own 6 cents in and bring you the Final Four to start off the show next week, followed by some tracks from honorable mentions and those we just straight up forgot. Oh yeah, and I'll get that updated bracket up eventually. And if you see the DDB wandering the streets of the bean this weekend, hit him up with a happy birthday.