Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Show #116

If you didn't hear on the show last night, your favorite rapper's favorite radio show - Long Crisp White Tee's - will be back in the Tuesday 10pm - 12am time slot starting next week. Here's our last installment of the one hour show. We played some tracks, ran down the Brother Ali show and upped an upcoming show featuring ReCaaLL, K-the-I and US' own Shivaa, next Tuesday at the Bulfinch Yacht Club BAR down by TD Banknorth. For more info go here, or here.

Show #116 (.mp3 format)

Also, be sure to check out Usual Suspeckts' Myspace ( They've got a couple new tracks up there including "Green" which is straight fire. Unfortunately, there has been a rift in the U.S. crew as Nacious has gone his own way. We here at LCWTs aren't trying to take sides and just hope that they can work things out. Anyway, Nacious has some new tracks on his myspace ( as well (be sure to peep "Backhand").

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