Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Show #115 and Brother Ali

Sorry for sleeping folks. This past week was a pretty busy one, and Big Rils was unavailable over the weekend due to his participation in the 48 Hour Film Project. Here's our show from last Tuesday if you still haven't heard it. Just a reminder, we're only a few weeks away from returning to OUR time slot - TUESDAY 10pm - 12am.

Show #115 (.mp3 format)

As you may have heard last week, Rhymesayers Entertainment's Minneapolis-based albino rapper, Brother Ali, was in town at the Middle East last wednesday night. Due to increased demand for tickets, the concert was moved from the upstairs to the more spacious downstairs. Long Crisp White Tee's staff arrived just before the second opening act, female Chicago native Psalm One. While we missed One Be Lo (aka Onemanarmy of Binary Star), we were assured he ripped the mic as well. Now, as you may or may not know, I'm not a huge fan of female MCs, but Psalm One put it down pretty hard, with a Steve Nash-like assist from hypeman and fellow Chicagoan Longshot. I may even be prompted to go out and download a few of her songs. The highlight of her set was when the Bro ran out in between songs with a towel to wipe down her face and the mic and give her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Due to the last-minute switch to the downstairs, the show didn't quite sell out, but was more than half-full with a crowd that was amped up to see their favorite albino rapper. When the energy was finally to his satisfaction, Ali came out and started throwing it down. He opened up with "Lookin' At Me Sideways," and then ran through a collection of new stuff - including "Uncle Sam Goddamn," "Truth Is," and "Faheem" - and his classics - "Rain Water," "Room With a View," "Champion," and "Dorian."

He also stopped in the middle to ensure the crowd that he had called ahead to get permission from Mr. Lif to spit in his town. All in all, the show was dope and Ali made the venue feel like a bumping house party that we were all chilling at as much as a concert. He's still on tour, so if he hasn't come to your city yet, make sure to get tickets. Otherwise, get the CD.